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& Employment opportunities

Do you enjoy travel? Then chances are you will have FUN  working for Adventure Guide in your local travel industry. 


Would you like your income to fairly reflect your hard work?   Join us in providing a valuable service to Management of local Government Tourism Authorities, Airlines, Cruise Ship companies, Hotels, Resorts, Adventure and Eco-travel companies, Car-rental, B. & B.'s, Bus companies, Sporting and Outdoor associations.  

Maybe one of the following options will be your perfect opportunity to launch an exciting full or part-time career............


Franchise opportunities:
Adventure Guide’s aggressive business plan to become the authoritative Guide to international adventures and eco-tour activities is quickly taking shape. 

Excellent opportunities are now available for innovative businesspeople to take ownership of key cities. Possibly an entire country!

In return for a very reasonable investment, your local site could tie in with Adventure Guide’s global marketing strategy. If the opportunity to target our important niche markets, Active Seniors, Businesspeople and unaccompanied Women travellers appeals to you why not drop us a few lines stating how you propose marketing <adventureguide.(your city or region).com>

The Publisher, Adventure Guide,


Regional Marketing Managers:
  Would you like to earn extra income, limited only by the amount of effort you decide to put into this exciting position in the travel industry?

Adventure Guide is currently hiring people who enjoy selling advertising space to travel-related companies around the world.

Ground floor opportunity to establish your own territory, be it a city, region or country.

You decide whether to work full-time, or a few hours a week.

Remuneration is by above average commission structure. 

Applicants must:

bulletHave an Internet connection and be familiar with e-mail and telemarketing.
bulletBe self-motivated, with sales experience and history as a good "closer".
bulletBe able to set up and maintain database of prospects and customers.
bulletEnjoy visiting local travel suppliers such as hotels, airlines, resorts, car rental companies and manufacturers of travel goods.
bulletWilling to attend travel trade and consumer shows.

If you can close the business, we will make sure you earn an excellent income and have a lot of FUN while doing so!

Interested? Tell us about your experience, and why you would like to represent Adventure Guide. Tell us the territory you would prefer to handle, and why you believe you should be given exclusive rights to market that territory.

Please send your letter to:  Publisher, Adventure Guide,   

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