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Adventure Guide welcomes inquiries from representatives of all media.

We maintain a tight focus on the two fastest-growth sectors in international travel:  (Soft) Adventures and Eco-tourism.  Niche markets are business people, women travelling solo, and active seniors.

First published in 1999 by Tony Jones, soldier, sailor and adventurer since leaving school at age 13, Adventure Guide has attracted considerable exposure in print and electronic media across Canada, the U.S.A. and around the world. 

As important as quality, content and popularity of targeted markets, much of the success of a website will depend on its positioning on the handful of major search engines.  

Surfers expect to find information fast.  If a website does not appear on the first page of a search, chances are it will never be seen, especially in a search for travel related content where there are literally millions of competing websites using the key-word "adventure" in their html.

On any day, a search in GOOGLE for the popular key-phrase "adventure guide"  will display between 4 -18 MILLION URLs.

Each search engine has its own criteria when "spidering" websites.  However, priority is given to URLs most relevant to the particular search.  (Companies can sometimes pay to have their URL appear at the top)'s tight focus on adventure travel usually assures exceptionally high awareness on most major engines when searching for adventure, travel guides, travel/media publications, outdoors adventures, and sport.  

On GOOGLE for example, has consistently for the last two years enjoyed one of the TOP FOUR positions on page one.   

At time of writing, is ranked #  3 out of "about 5,570,000" adventure guide URLs listed.  You can quickly confirm today's rankings on several top search engines by clicking on links displayed HERE.

Another benefit enjoyed by AdventureGuide is the popularity of "Captain Tony," the caricature used throughout the website.  Perhaps surprisingly, GOOGLE  will usually find more than 800,000 "Captain Tonys," with AdventureGuide's Captain consistently occupying # 1 position.  (This can also be confirmed from the above linked page.)

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