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As the Spanish proverb says, "He who would bring home the wealth of the Indies must carry the wealth of the Indies with him." So it is in travelling; a man must carry knowledge with him if he would bring home knowledge. -- Samuel Johnson.

Yes, I know you already have more than enough reading to plough through and may already suffer from acute analysis paralysis. 

We can't stop reading though can we, so I've put together a few informative links, some of which should add variety and enjoyment to your regular input of printed matter. 

I've included one or two vacation sites to wet your appetite, but you will find a much larger selection

elsewhere in Adventure Guide. Check out our comprehensive Cyber Library where you should find just about everything you need when planning your trip, or to help you relax whilst away from home.

Please tell me
if you have difficulty accessing any of these sites, and send along favorite URLs that you feel may be enjoyed by other visitors to Adventure Guide.  Captain Tony        

Please share your best business-related websites with readers. Thank you, Editor

Claiming to provide all essential reference tools. 
Smart Business Supersite: Maybe this is all you need.
International Business Kiosk: Doing business around the world?
International Airline Passengers Association
Business Travel News: News, forums and destinations for the business traveller.
Fodor's Mini guides t
o 110 destinations worldwide.
Hey Idiot! Maybe this is how you make your millions on the Internet
200 of the World's Richest "working" billionaires.
Did they ignore you, again?
American Community Info America's leading tool for researching, evaluating, and comparing communities.
Sales & Marketing Executives International The most powerful resource site ever created for sales and marketing professionals! The Internet Company for Frequent Business Travelers Plan your meeting, book your trip and check your points.........
The Executives Guide to Information Solutions Discovering innovative  ways to offload non-essential functions. - Your Homebased Business Connection
Mountain Challenge Work & play.  Is there a difference?
Mountain Madness Group adventures for business people.
Passport Pal Useful Guide to 14 Pacific Rim countries. 
PR Newswire Investor News Late-breaking news, by industry sector.
Swatch Beat - Revolutionary new unit of Internet Time No time zones or geographic borders. - Flight Tracking Real time flights between major cities within the United States. Have fun watching the planes fly  across your screen.

Welcome to RateNet, Your Financial Connection. Tracks over 11,000 financial institutions in 175 markets across the U.S.A.
Bates College   Interviewing Guide & tips.
Mayo Health Clinic If you have backache or can't recall your partner's name, ask the doc.
Mountain Madness Goal at Mountain Madness is to increases your appreciation and access to the wonder of wilderness environments.
Sample Business Plans Award winning site for small to medium sized business plans.
Internet Marketing Center   Increase your profits through effective Internet marketing.
Sandalio E Jure's Future World Site Welcome to TOMORROW. Future World Interplanetary offers a rare collection of 21st Century information products,services, and ideas to upgrade your life and your lifestyle.
Industries guides. Excellent search engine to update yourself on your industry.
Idea Cafe: The Small Business Channel  Fun approach to serious business.
Soul-Biz: Soul-utions for Business Weekly Making work FUN!
Holi-Swaps Vacation & Holiday Homes Exchange, buy or rent worldwide.
Law by Subject Simply check your area of interest, and away you go.....
Foreign Language Translation Services Whether you want to refresh your language skills or just translate a word or phrase, this site can keep you occupied for hours!
The Quiz Site Main Page - Trivia Quiz Games on hundreds of topics with prizes!
Erik's Chopsticks Gallery - Mein Menu Everything you ever wanted to know about chopsticks, and a little more.
International business customs, business protocol, business practices How do you know that you are not making a cultural "faux pas" when giving a gift to your top international client?
I like it and my wife hates it!!!  Questions & answers about living "overseas".
Expat Forum If you enjoyed the above Q &As this link will take you to Expat Forum's home page.
NOESIS: Philosophical Research On-Line: If you want some very interesting, but deep reading on all things philosophical this site is for you. Otherwise, maybe you should give it a miss.
Biography Loads of interesting bios from the A&E show
BIZ Resource Group - The lady is a WINNER! FREE BIZ Tips Newsletter
Corp Tech Database of 50,000 U.S. Technology Companies
Decision Point Market Analysis, timing & charts
Relax with the daily Wisdom of Gorm

Home page for the world's business leaders

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