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Vision statement

"Adventure Guide is inspired to become internationally recognized as THE authoritative website featuring information about world-wide Adventure and Eco-tour destinations and activities."
   Captain Tony 1998

O.K.  But WHAT do you DO?
  We help travel-related  companies market their products and services online to a large, diverse audience of travelers, vacationers and adventure seekers. 

We do this by offering low cost - high value paid listings to the thousands of businesses featured throughout Adventure Guide.

Now residing in Vancouver,  Canada, Publisher Tony
Jones, a.k.a. Capt. Tony, has during the last 40 years travelled extensively throughout the world enjoying many unique cultural experiences along the way.

Adventure Guide is a labor of love in which Capt. Tony's career in travel industry marketing and public relations is combined with the world's most revolutionary communications medium, the Internet.     

Adventure Guide is dedicated to Man's Best Friend. In this case my pal "Chopstix" who for 18 years waited patiently for his master to return home from each journey. 29th January, 2005.


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