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Are you planning to "follow the crowds" to Mexico, or maybe to Belize?   Why not extend your vacation into a REAL adventure simply by taking a short flight to one of the world's most exciting, colorful and friendly countries.....GUATEMALA? 

Here are just a few "must visit" destinations, from which you can  quickly explore the country's unique history, baroque architecture, archaeological sites and culture:

Antigua:  Walk the cobblestone streets of this beautiful colonial town that has been part of UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1979. 

Tikal: Just one hour's flight, low over the rain-forest, from Guatemala City.  One of the most important Mayan cities that for almost nine centuries was enveloped by dense jungle. Only discovered in the 20th century, wander through the Grand Plaza and climb 70 meters high Temple 1V . Your view from the top will be literally a spectacular bird's eye-view!

Panajachel: An important tourist center close to several Mayan villages. An excellent base from which to enjoy a wide variety of adventures.

Chichicastenango: One of the most colorful Indian towns.  Enjoy comfortable accommodations, then set off to mingle with the colorful, traditional dressed Indians and find bargains in the large outdoor market.

Guatemala lies southeast of Mexico and northwest of the other countries of Central America. Its location on the narrow strip which joins the continental masses of the Americas, as well as its topographic relief, give the country an enormous diversity of climatic regions.

A journey in Guatemala takes the visitor in a few minutes from the lush vegetation of the warm low lands zone to the cold of the pine forests. Most of the nine million Guatemalans live in the valleys of the mountainous regions, in the center of the country, where the climate is temperate. This is the region of lakes and volcanoes for which Guatemala is known throughout the world.

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ECOTOURISM: OUR NATURAL BOUNTY  Guatemala offers one of the most exciting natural history destinations in the Americas. Consider this: a wildly varied land of virgin jungles, intermingled with beautiful lakes, rivers and volcanoes; caves, valleys and ravines; mountains and plateaus.
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