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Watch this space to read about Captain Tony's exciting trip to N.E. India, Delhi, Aggra, and Kolkata.  Vipassana meditation.

Pictured right: With
Raje Scindia, Honorable Minister of Tourism for the State of Madhya Pradesh.

Far right: Early morning Flower market on banks of the Ganges, Kolkata.


 Impact Holidays, New Delhi: As an accredited/registered and professional Tours Company, we command an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the Indian Sub-continent.  We have ventured out by putting our best foot forward, with one collective aim of giving our valued clients the feeling of being at home, while being far away from their own.

TigerPaw is now in its 18th year, having first incorporated in India in September 1982. The ethos we pioneered at the beginning demanded that we run environmentally sound adventures of unusual type, in offbeat corners of India. Our commitment to eco-tourism helped us to win the prestigious BCN award for Biodiversity Conservation in the Eastern Himalayas.
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Founded in 1978 with the belief that the world of culture and adventure has lots to offer.  That this can best be enjoyed if the minutest details of the tour programs are taken as seriously as the major ones; where the emphasis of individual and personalised services will result in limiting the group size to a small, (not more than manageable group of 15); where history and culture are not restricted to only one country or region.

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