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As a long time world-traveller I have packed many bags, some for quick overnight trips, others for journeys to several continents lasting a number of weeks. Even so, I usually manage to arrive at a foreign destination without enough of the right clothing, or information.  Know the feeling? While I can't do much to remind you to pack enough underwear, or your exercise clothes, 

I have put together a cyber-library of sites from which you can quickly keep up with events back home, or feel more comfortable with local geography, climate, language, health, culture and business conditions as you travel around the world.                          

Airlines: Flight information

Airports Directory of the World
Find international and regional airports on the web.  -
Comprehensive, independent arrival, departure, delay and cancellation information for all commercial flights across the US and Canada.
International Airports  -
Guide to the World's International Airports, Timetables, arrivals, on-line booking of air tickets, hotels , car hire, destination guides etc.
International Aviation Safety Organization  -
Consumer watchdog group.  - is the source for airplane seat information. Find the seat that best suits your needs, simply select the aircraft you're flying using the menu.
The World's Airline Phone Number Directory
American Express' SkyGuide: News and information for the business traveller.
Travel Watch: Directory of airline websites.
Airline Meals. Nothing but airline food.
Airline Crew.  Get INSIDE news about cabin crews, news and gossip.

Airports and Cities
AIRbase ONE - Aviation Information Resource Database An aviation directory with over 12,000 aviation businesses listed in 1100+categories.
City Knowledge Extensive information on cities around the world.
The 200 Places To Which People Go Frommer's guide to 200 top destinations.

Airlines: Frequent Flyer Points. Check your points with major programs
Airlines Of The Web Flight information on nearly 500 airlines
WebFlyer - The Web's Frequent Flyer Authority Pick up the latest frequent flyer news and check your points with the major airline programs.

Atlas & Maps
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Interactive Atlas Find any place on earth, QUICKLY
Europe Online - The European Portal to the Internet Comprehensive range of information on 25+ European countries.
3D Atlas Online Home Beautifully presented information on just about every country on earth!

ATM Locator
VISA International  
Visa International offers an ATM Locator (find ATMs and bank machines closest to your location.), lost VISA card, and more. - ATM Locator  With over 820,000 ATMs in over 120 countries, you're never far from a MasterCard®, Maestro® or Cirrus® ATM.

Books just to help you relax
Netlibrary   Cover to cover texts of more than 10,000 books. Adding 200 each day!

Ticked A superb resource for those looking to get the real story on holiday-package promises and travel industry hoopla.
Air Want to send your complaint directly to the carrier, and view complaints of other travelers?

Clocks World Time 
World Time Zones.  Easy to download clock and more........
CLOX free software package   allows you to program up to seven analogue and digital clocks showing the time in different user-selected time zones. Along with the time-zone clocks comes a series of other useful features... A sophisticated alarm clock, the facility to automatically correct the system time via the internet and calendar displays are also provided.

Convert Weights & Measures

You won't be an ambassador of embarrassment with this guide to global savvy

Universal Currency Converter™ Services
Personal Currency Assistant™
Universal Currency Converter™

Travel Expenses Calculator™
Foreign Exchange Charges Calculator™
Welcome to Stock SmartPRO! Investor PRO features 20,000 Companies in 47 Countries.
News Alert Today's Stock-market information.
BigCharts Charting a World of Investment Information.

General knowledge, travel tips & assistance from Electric Library More than 17,000 articles at your fingertips. - Online mortgage math loan finance scientific health & sports calculators There are calculators for finance, business, and science. There are ones for cooking, hobbies, and health. Some solve problems, some satisfy curiosity, and some just for fun.
MetaCrawler Search several of the top engines at once.
Roget's Thesaurus Search for that English word or phrase.
1000 Tips 4 Trips: Travel Tips Submitted by People Just Like You ...

Governments on the Web
World wide portal  More than 13,000 entries for 200 countries. Alphabetically by country.


Handbooks & Activity-based Guides
Moon Travel Handbooks provide focused, comprehensive coverage of distinct destinations all over the world. Our goal is to give travelers all the background and practical information they'll need for an extraordinary travel experience.
Foghorn Outdoors Guides are the premier source for United States outdoor recreation information. These activity-based travel guides are your resource for camping, hiking, fishing, boating, golfing, and more.

Health while travelling
Get fit to travel A little preparation before leaving home will pay pay dividends.
U.S. National Library of Medicine - If it's not here, you don't have it! Known as "the place to go before you have to..."  Rates toilets around the world 1-4 Stars. Recommend you personal best and worst.

Language translation
Foreign Language Translation Services Whether you want to refresh your language skills or just translate a word or phrase, this site can keep you occupied for hours!

News of the World 
[ Yahoo! News Search ]
CNN Interactive
Special Report - Top 250 European Daily Newspapers
Metagrid of International Newspapers
BBC News
One World Online News Frameset The Web's best known and most extensive alternative news source. Covering human rights, environmental and social justice issues from around the world.
Business Wire 1999 The global leader in news distribution.
ABYZ News Links Links to more than 15,500 newspapers and other news sources from around the world. Simply click on the  country of interest and away you go! 

Packing tips - The Art and Science of Travelling Light  Many travel tips for traveling light. Vacation packing list, how to pack it.
Universal Packing List, The  -
Packing checklist of items thought more or less essential by many travelers. You can customize this travel packing list for your own travels.

Pet-friendly travel

Are you planning to take your pet on vacation? The world's largest pet travel resource lists over 25,000 pet-friendly hotels, resorts and campgrounds.  A fun site!!

Search Engines for Travel
Travel Channels - Pure & simple travel search
TRAVIGATOR II One of the largest travel guides, travel directories, travel search engines. We make it easy, fun with lots of information. Travel statistics, travel e-zines, travel agents, travel magazines; they are all here together with a growing travel site database.
TRAVELZEUS sister site to Travigator, but different data base.

Search for People and Businesses
Need a Lawyer Over 900,000 Lawyers & Law Firms.
Who Where? International Directory Links
The Ultimate Directory -

Sports news
The Sporting News
CNN InteractiveCNN/SIfrom CNN and Sports Illustrated


WeatherNet  claims to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of global weather data on the Web.


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